Wireless Solutions

Mobile devices, wireless communication technology and internet web concept: business laptop or office notebook, tablet computer PC and modern black glossy touchscreen smartphones with colorful application interfaces isolated on white background

The world is going wireless. No matter the industry, your clients, employees, and guests expect wireless accessibility for their devices. Delivering wireless service should never be done haphazardly, but should be planned out and implemented just as you would any other aspect of your infrastructure.

The Howard Tech team has deployed wireless solutions for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to residential complexes, from single access points to over eighty. We begin by assessing your needs for access points, and use heat map technology for configuring placement. We develop separate public guest networks and private employee networks to follow your business rules when designing the system. We are a vendor-neutral provider, always recommending the best solution for your specific needs.  We have served businesses across Maryland in Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, Hanover, Linthicum, Annapolis, Laurel, Elkridge and Fulton.

How Wireless Solutions can Improve Your Operations

Regardless of what you do, providing increased accessibility and flexibility for employees and customers will speed up your processes and make performing tasks easier. Here are some ways wireless technology can be used to improve your operations:

  • To keep things secure, businesses need a wireless network with distinct access rights for different user groups.  Employees are able to access shared company resources on your private network, while guests are given public facing internet access only.
  • Wireless solutions deployed in manufacturing or warehousing facilities enable real-time tracking of parts and labor, improve communication within large facilities and reduce time for the retrieval of parts and orders.
  • Provide employees in the field with cellular connected hand-held devices or laptops to improve customer response time and increase employee efficiency.
  • Retain complete control of any mobile device your employees operate.  Limit types of content, control what apps and programs are installed, implement lock screen policies, and remotely wipe the device in the event it is lost.
  • Wireless music systems allow the placement of speakers without the need for audio cables, all while controlling content from a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Many businesses have moved aware from traditional point of sale terminals, and now use a phone or tablet with a credit card reader to complete transactions.

What can wireless technologies do for your business?