Why We Do It

There’s no shortage of stories about family pressures, economic anxieties, political dysfunction and more. However, the stories we read about people investing in each other’s lives tend to be meaningful and satisfying.

We agree!  

Our mission is to build community, where our employees, vendors, clients and partners connect in meaningful ways.  The more we engage each other – helping solve problems, celebrating successes and sharing burdens – the more likely we will impact the world for the better.  We aren’t trying to be all things to all people or solve all the world’s problems.  Instead, we are committed to being active citizens of the communities we serve and being fully engaged in serving those we connect with.

You regularly hear companies talk about how much they value relationships as they sell their products or services. Talk is plenty, and people are rightfully skeptical.

As you get to know the Howard Tech team, you’ll see that our mission permeates everything we do and say.  We’re not a technology company that values relationships, we’re a relationship company that does technology.  Come and experience the difference for yourself.

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