Why We Do It

Our Vision is to deliver best in class IT services to the small business and non-profit market, helping each client to effectively execute its business plan.

Our Mission is to build community where our employees, clients, vendors and partners connect to grow individually and drive business success.

Small businesses are the engine of our local, state and national economy, and the leaders of these companies are stretched constantly.  They are responsible for everything, often with few trusted advisors to encourage them along the way.

Most of the business world has transitioned to electronic systems and more employees are working from home than ever before.  Nonprofits and small business are reliant upon a high-performing technology platform and need a partner they can trust.

Delivering excellence in IT services is just the beginning for us.  We love working with people and serving our clients and seek to build substantive relationships with everyone we serve.  Our team actively “does life together” and we live similarly with clients, vendors and partners as much as possible.

You often hear companies talk about how much they value relationships.  Talk is plenty and people are rightfully skeptical.  We’re not a technology company that values relationships, Howard Tech is a relationship company that does technology.  There’s a big difference.

We live out our mission internally and by our engagement in the broader community.  Read about our many efforts to serve our neighbors in our Community content.  We believe that the more we engage each other – helping solve problems, celebrating successes and sharing burdens – the more likely we will impact the world for the better.

We aren’t trying to be all things to all people or solve all the world’s problems.  We are committed to being active citizens of the communities we serve and being fully engaged with everyone we connect with.  Relationships are everything at Howard Tech.

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