Training & Education

We want your team members to be smart, improve productivity and reduce risk.  Training is a key piece of Howard Tech Managed Services.

Your staff is getting countless fake emails per day, and just one click can cause massive problems for your business.  Our Managed Services includes proactively sending phishing emails, tracking click rates and providing training to help users navigate risks moving forward.  Working smarter can be done with the right business partner.

We work with clients to create how-to documents for various technical issues within their companies, so team members have quick reference reminders when needed.  The Howard Tech team also delivers online and in-person training classes to serve our clients.

Education aligns directly with our mission of building community.  Our staff has delivered training for local non-profits, for clients’ customers, and in our local public schools.  As you consider a new Managed Services partner, look for one that can help you grow.  Contact us to learn more.

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