Disaster Recovery

Technology Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery acts as an insurance policy for one of your most important business assets – your data. Unlike many other assets, your data is irreplaceable. If your organization doesn’t have a reliable backup and disaster recovery strategy that’s suited to your unique operations, you’re exposing this irreplaceable asset to tremendous risk.

Howard Tech helps Maryland businesses find the right balance between protection, accessibility and cost in a disaster recovery solution that’s tailored to your business needs and addresses the specific threats you face in your operations. We conduct quarterly disaster simulations to test the reliability of your recovery system. With our team managing your disaster recovery strategy and backup technology, you have a partner that’s committed to protecting your business from disasters of all types. We serve Disaster recovery clients across Maryland in Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, Hanover, Linthicum, Annapolis, Laurel, Elkridge and Fulton.

Why you need a strategic disaster recovery plan

When an unforeseen catastrophe strikes, a reliable disaster recovery plan can be the difference between maintaining the continuous operation of your business and a critical loss of resources and income. A disaster recovery strategy should assess your potential risks and specify the responses that will occur to restore your operations, from both a personnel and technology standpoint. The threats your organization faces depend on your industry, your location, your client base and a host of other factors. The one constant is that disasters do happen, and you should plan for when – not if – they occur.

Humans Make Mistakes
No one is perfect. Employees can easily overlook a vital measure in a process, accidentally enter the wrong data, overwrite a file or delete information. Ensuring that you have effective processes in place and quality assurance programs to avoid these errors are still your best form of protection, but a backup and recovery solution is equally critical.

Hardware and Infrastructure Fails
From your employees’ desktops to the network you share information through, there are infinite opportunities for hardware and infrastructure failure. Addressing each potential point of failure in your IT infrastructure and avoiding every conceivable risk is nearly impossible. Instead, approach these risks strategically, addressing the biggest concerns and implementing a disaster recovery solution that reduces or eliminates the long-term impact of a hardware or system failure.

Nature is Unpredictable
Flooding, fire, snow storms, and hurricanes are just some of the natural disasters business in Maryland must prepare for. Though you may be powerless to prevent these disasters, having a disaster recovery strategy in place will have you back in operation in less time, without significant losses.

Clients Want 24/7/365 Access
Clients demand access to the resources you provide, regardless of unforeseen disasters. If you can’t respond to a disaster and ensure business continuity, your clients may quickly jump ship to the completion.

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