Much work today is “information based”, where businesses serve clients and drive revenue using their technology platform.  Our clients expect their systems to be always available, run as fast as possible, and can be recovered when an incident occurs.  The starting point for Managed Services should always be on a solid foundation.

Downtime or slow performing systems kill productivity.  Howard Tech drives stability by leveraging technology standards. We have chosen best in class technologies for networking, computers, server hardware, antivirus and much more. Standards reduce client downtime and enable us to serve each organization faster.

Detailed documentation is another tool we use to improve stability for our clients.  We build and maintain a robust book for each business we serve. This includes users, computers, network drawings, license agreements, warranty renewal dates, after-hours access methods and much more.

It would be impossible for us to serve a client well without the detailed effort we place on documentation. As you explore a new Managed Services Provider, ask them to show you examples of how they track information.  Contact us and we will gladly walk you through that process. We would love to show you how great documentation improves stability.

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