Security & Disaster Recovery

Cyberthreats continue to grow exponentially, and you’ve heard countless stories of businesses, governments, hospitals and universities suffering data breaches.  We frequently hear “if that company (and it’s expensive technology staff) isn’t safe, how can I protect my business?”

You are not alone and there is much that can be done to protect your company and data!  While there is no simple or quick solution to security, we use multiple layers of design, tools, process, and user education to proactively protect your systems.

The most important layer of a good security strategy is to deploy, manage and maintain local and cloud backups of your data.  Experts agree we cannot protect against every threat or business risk, the critical question is about recovering from a cyber incident.  Our team has deployed industry leading backup tools, our engineers are trained, and we test backup processes regularly.

Ultimately as we tighten security for any system, it becomes less convenient for users to access.  As you consider a new Managed Services Provider, dig deep into this issue and be certain you understand things.  This is a business conversation, not a technical one.  Contact us and we will gladly walk you through that process.

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