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IT Services Managed Services Model

Our managed services model is a win-win that reduces overall costs, improves IT efficiency and creates a stronger business relationship. We become your technology partner, invested in your success and working proactively to keep your operations running smoothly. With a flat monthly fee, you can budget for operating expenses and avoid costly, unpredictable hourly charges that come with only hiring IT support when something breaks down. You get unlimited phone and onsite support, a guaranteed response time, 24-7 monitoring and a single point of contact located right here in Howard County, Maryland for all your technology issues. We also serve clients in Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, Hanover, Linthicum, Annapolis, Laurel, Elkridge and Fulton.

COMPARISON: Managed IT Services VS. Hourly

We’re business owners too, and we understand the need to find value wherever you can. At first glance, it may seem cheaper to call an hourly IT contractor when a problem pops up, and simply pay to fix the issue. In the long run, however, this approach will cost you.

Most businesses will need enough support throughout the year to justify a managed IT service model on cost alone, but even this analysis ignores several critical factors. How much business do you lose when your systems go down? How quickly will an hourly IT provider respond? Is your IT provider working with the goal of keeping your operations running smoothly, or racking up new charges and even extending the billable hours they need to fix your systems?

Improve IT Efficiency

Managed IT ServiceWith an hourly model, your IT support team only makes money when your systems need repair, and they’re paid based on how long the repair takes. It stands to reason that this arrangement could lead some IT professionals to take longer than necessary to make repairs, and not recommend proactive steps that would avoid repairs in the first place. With managed IT services, it’s in our best interest to keep your systems at peak operation and avoid downtime and repair costs. This means we continuously monitor your systems for potential concerns, and when we implement new technology as a separate project service we’re committed to getting it right from the start, to save repair costs in the future.

Avoid Costly Downtime

When your systems go down, you lose the productivity of your employees and potentially lose face with your customers. With hourly IT service models, you only call your IT support when you’re already down and losing money. With managed services, we’re actively monitoring your system, addressing small issues behind the scene, often before you’re even aware of a potential problem.

Hourly vs Managed IT Services

Services Managed Services Hourly Services
Phone/on-site tech support
Technology competence
Flat monthly fee for unlimited phone or on-site support
Guaranteed response time
24/7 monitoring, software/patch management, antivirus and
detailed documentation
Disaster recovery planning*
Online portal, help desk, and ticket system
Centralized purchasing, inventory, asset and vendor management
Single point of contact for all technology issues
Cloud expertise*
Advisory services*

* Available to hourly service clients at hourly support rates.

Learn how our managed service model can cut IT costs and improve your operations.