Our Difference

Howard Tech is not a tech company that also builds good relationships.  We are a relationship company that happens to do IT services.  There’s a huge difference between these.

Our team loves each other, and we live out our mission of building community within Howard Tech on a daily basis.  From employee growth to family events to serving in the community, our culture and desire to connect with others are unique.

Howard Tech has more business experience than any technical services firm you will meet.  Our leadership team has led services teams in multiple industries, built technology systems for billion-dollar companies, and grown startups to IPO.  Our advice is unbiased and grounded in doing the right thing for you.

We invest in our community by volunteering, lending technology support and donating financially to numerous organizations.  Since our start in 2009, serving our neighbors has been core to everything we do.  Read our mission statement to learn more.

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