The Ideal Team Player

Our Openings are listed below.  First, please learn about the person we’re looking for.  Like many organizations, it’s easier for us to find people with technical skills than it is to find the someone who is the right fit for our team.  We found The Ideal Team Player and have built our hiring strategy around its three personal attributes.  After considering our hiring successes (and failures) over many years, our target hire is someone who is:

  • Humble – individuals who lack excessive ego or concerns about status.  This person is more concerned about the success of the team than with getting credit for his or her contributions.
  • Hungry –  these are people who are always looking for more.  Hungry people are self-motivated and diligent, they don’t have to be pushed to work harder.  They just do it.
  • Smart – this is not about intellect, rather they have common sense about people.  You can call this emotional intelligence; they understand the nuances of team dynamics, and work with others effectively.


We are look for all three characteristics in each candidate, and will ask plenty of questions to explore these.  If this describes you, then read the job descriptions below!


Support Engineer

This role provides remote technical support to our Managed Services clients.  Our team assists clients with an array of issues – desktops, servers, printers, firewalls, switches, wireless access and more.  Read more.


Field Engineer

This role works closely with our Account Managers, serving as technical lead for a given group of clients.  Our Field Engineers deliver both phone and on-site support for our Managed Services clients.  Read more.


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