IT Solutions for Non ProfitsNon-profits often have the same operational challenges as for-profit businesses, but with a tighter budget to achieve them. The mission of your non-profit organization is always your top priority, and technology should be a means of accomplishing that mission, not an expense or obstacle that distracts you.  Moreover, technology can be a lever to help you maximize the effectiveness of your operations and mission.

We’ve helped countless Maryland nonprofits in a variety of ways – technology services partner, one-time projects, pro-bono consulting and relationship connections.  We’re big supporters of the nonprofit community and understand their common challenges:

  • Fundraising – nearly all non-profits spend significant time and effort to raise the money needed to operate.  This is an ongoing challenge and successful non-profits maximize technology to connect with donors and friends.
  • Service delivery – whatever service the non-profit delivers, it typically needs to do so on a tight budget.  Stretching dollars to accomplish the mission is a critical focus for all non-profits.
  • Employee recruiting and retention – loyal and productive staff are the lifeblood of any organization, and is especially true for non-profits.  The lure of higher salaries or titles is a common challenge for non-profit staff retention.


IT Solutions for Non-Profits

Accomplishing your organization’s short- and long-term goals on a tight budget often requires employees and volunteers to stretch their limits, and do more with less. Howard Tech has deep experience in identifying the best tools at the lowest possible spend, and have leveraged it repeatedly to assist non-profits.  We service non-profit clients across Maryland in Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, Hanover, Linthicum, Annapolis, Laurel, Elkridge and Fulton.  We can help you develop a strategy that best utilizes technology to help you accomplish your mission, save time and stretch your dollars.  Key non-profit solutions include:

Customer Relationship Management

The best non-profits cultivate long-lasting relationships with donors, volunteers and sponsors and leverage tools to help with that.  We’ve deployed customized CRM tools for multiple nonprofits and leveraged free resources from our partners to help.

Cloud Services 

Numerous cloud applications are available to the non-profit community at free or heavily discounted prices.  These tools allow access to critical information from anywhere at anytime, and improve team collaboration and service.

Network and Security

Non-profits are as concerned about information security as any business, and our network solutions optimize performance while protecting your critical data.  Allowing your staff to securely work from home can also help you accomplish your mission.

Project Services

We’ve deployed many unique solutions tailored to individual nonprofits on a one-time basis.  These have included technology assessments, office moves, new phone systems, offsite backups and more.


Click to hear how we’ve helped Leadership Howard County, Family League of Baltimore and the Howard County Chamber of Commerce accomplish their goals. Contact us to see how we can serve your non-profit as well.

From phone systems to CRM platforms, we understand the technology that drives non-profits. How can we help?