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IT Infrastructure

When your business is faced with opportunities or challenges that require new technology solutions, you need an IT partner that understands business. Howard Tech offers businesses sound, unbiased advice on a range of solutions, from simple office additions to complex infrastructures, every project service begins with an understanding of your needs. We develop personalized solutions that achieve your goals with the lowest possible cost, all while considering IT best practices for security, future growth, backup systems, simplicity, and life expectancy of the technology.

Once we’ve analyzed your business priorities and technology requirements, we’ll weigh available options and help you determine the best fit. The implementation and delivery of the proposed project service will consider your timeline and preferences for downtime, ongoing support, as well as a post-project evaluation.

Our Project Services

Phone Systems

Every business relies on the personal touch of a live phone conversation. We can help you save money and improve performance with a cloud-based VoIP phone systems or virtual phone systems with improved features with lower costs, easier installation and improved accessibility.

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SERVER Virtualization

Many businesses can benefit from increased flexibility and efficiency through virtualization. Access more memory, software, and infrastructure than can be physically installed in your location.

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Network Security

Sharing information is at the core of what you do, and your network and security systems make your job possible. We engineer network and security systems to meet your needs for accessibility and security with the best, most economical tools available.

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When you take a strategic approach to infrastructure, rather than playing the catch-up game of break and fix, your IT infrastructure becomes an invaluable business asset, not a necessary liability.

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Wireless Solutions

Regardless of industry, your employees and clients expect wireless accessibility. We can plan for separate public guest networks and secure employee networks and design a system with as many access points as you require.

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Let our team show you a range of solutions and guide you towards the right fit for your organization.