IT supportInsurance is a heavily regulated industry, which has experienced seismic changes over the past few years.  Insurance brokers are involved in the sales of provider insurance products, and are dependent on technology for new client price quotes, claims, and customer service – pretty much everything.  Those agencies that fully leverage technology gain a major competitive advantage. We serve the insurance industry across Maryland in Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, Hanover, Linthicum, Annapolis, Laurel, Elkridge and Fulton.

Howard Tech has worked with various insurance agencies and implemented critical solutions for them.  Our knowledge and understanding of insurance industry challenges include:

  • Prospective clients need insurance but don’t want to talk about it.
  • Government regulations include price controls, paperwork and other compliance issues.
  • Multiple agencies often sell the same products, service differentiation is critical.


IT Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Insurance agencies are effectively in the information business, so the more effectively, securely and productively they can process information, the more profitable they will be.  Howard Tech has implemented a variety of solutions to help insurance agencies grow including:

Going Paperless

Traditional insurance firms process tons of paper, yet the most effective ones have much less.  Driving efficiency through reducing paper can be a huge benefit to most firms.

Cloud Services

Successful agents need access to critical information from everywhere, and at all times.  Cloud solutions make that possible from any computer or mobile device, enhancing customer service as well as your employee productivity.

Phone Systems 

On premise or cloud-based VoIP phone systems offer sophisticated features and capabilities to enhance collaboration and better serve your clients.  Customer service differentiation is a huge success factor for insurance agents.


Security and performance from your on-site infrastructure need not come with a hefty price tag. We can develop strategies and implement systems that will reduce business risk and improve your staff productivity.


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From strategic disaster recovery to CRM implementation, learn more about our IT solutions for the insurance industry.