Meet Your Howard Tech Team

We are very grateful for each and every member of our dynamic team.

Learn more about them here.

  • Ananta Hejeebu


  • Patrick Higgins


  • Jason Maeser

    Director of Service Delivery

  • Paul Glagola

    Director of Strategic Relationships

  • Matt Story

    Operations Manager

  • Mike Blair

    Projects Manager

  • Ron Shurie

    Technical Services Team Lead

  • Tina Orlandi

    Office Manager

  • Kristin Mentz

    Community Development Manager

  • Jason

    Senior Project Engineer

  • Dylan

    Onboarding Manager

  • Fred

    Software Development

  • Joshua

    Technical Account Manager

  • Celeste

    Field Engineer

  • David

    Support Engineer

  • Logan

    Support Engineer

  • Dan

    Support Engineer

  • Seth

    Support Engineer

  • Matt H.

    Field Engineer

  • John K.

    Field Engineer

  • Katy

    Customer Service Coordinator

  • John L.

    Senior Support Engineer