How We Do It

From the beginning, we focused exclusively on serving clients in the greater Howard County neighborhood.  This decision allowed us to serve customers and our community better, faster and more productively than any other provider.  Even today, nearly all of our clients are located within twenty minutes of our office.  While we can resolve most issues by phone, our proximity provides great peace of mind to our clients.

Our unlimited support model aligns our interests with those we serve.  Our clients and Howard Tech win when their technology is performing optimally.   Likewise, downtime or poor performance adversely affects both Howard Tech and our clients.  This alignment creates a level of trust and collaboration that naturally lends itself to a win-win partnership.

We recognize that our success is enhanced by the success of our community, so the Howard Tech team actively supports many local causes.  These include serving on nonprofit boards, coaching and mentoring kids, providing discounted services and much more.  Our goal is to use our relationships to make our community a better place to live, work and play.

Growing businesses, building community and delivering excellence – that’s what we do.  

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