Government Contractors

IT Solutions for Government ContractorsWhen your customer is a government agency, you face a unique set of hurdles and requirements. Whether you’re a small business that’s been awarded a major contract or a mid-size firm that needs technical support to comply with regulations, you need a robust technology system to execute on your projects and obligations.

Howard Tech works with government contractors to help achieve their business goals. It’s natural for us, as we get the challenges government contractors face including:

  • Competitive pricing pressures – there are countless stories of competitors undercutting the market, driving profits lower.
  • Delivery dates and deadlines – government contractors routinely face challenges get a deal done, and then rushed to complete jobs under significant time pressure.
  • Bureaucracy, paperwork and compliance – working with the government brings a host of administrative issues that can be very costly for inefficient businesses.

IT Solutions for Government Contractors

As a government contractor, your business may feel in flux as contracts come and go. The ability to quickly scale your IT solutions and rapidly adjust is a must. Understanding the technical regulations placed on government contractors requires a trusted and experienced IT advisor. Howard Tech has just what you need. We’ve worked with government contractors on a host of solutions including:

Cloud Services

To meet the demands of the time-sensitive work you do as a government contractor, you need access to your applications and data from wherever you’re located, without sacrificing security.

Network and Security

Optimize, secure, and support your critical infrastructure to minimize risk of data intrustion or theft. Security requires a comprehensive view of a host of threats, both externally and internally.

Phone Systems

On premise or cloud-based VoIP phone systems offer sophisticated features and capabilities to enhance collaboration and better serve your clients.

Project Services

When you land a new contract and need to rapidly add capabilities, our project services can help you implement critical systems, tools or infrastructure quickly and reliably.

We understand the unique demands of government contractors. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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