Disaster Recovery

Technology Disaster Recovery

Business problems and risks come in many forms and smart business owners leverage a variety of tools and resources to mitigate them. These include good operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, key person insurance, cyber insurance and more. This is the business language Howard Tech speaks!

While Howard Tech can’t own each of those business issues, we deliver world-class technology disaster recovery solutions for our clients. In simple terms, that means we manage your backups and it’s our job to prepare for the inevitable technology issue that will come up. The challenge for the business owner is to know what a good backup and disaster recovery plan looks like.

Contact us and we can explain disaster planning in simple terms. The process is not complicated but is thorough and requires attention to detail. Your business likely has multiple systems (PCs, servers, cloud) and might have varying amounts of data stored on each. What if a computer crashes? What if a laptop is lost or stolen? What if the QuickBooks company file is corrupted? What if the phone system goes down? What if ransomware locks up your data files?

Make sure your Managed Service Provider is an expert in disaster recover planning! Ask your IT provider if you can speak to another client that has recently experienced a critical outage and how they recovered? Contact us to learn more about this critical business process.

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