We are committed to growth and are always looking for the best and brightest to join our team!  If timing isn’t right for you or we don’t have a current opening, we would still love to get to know you and maybe we can work together in the future.  Our team values are Accountability, Growth and Opportunity.  Read more below.

Our culture has been built over more than a decade and is critical to our success.  Our recruiting process looks for the right culture fit first, and then we explore if the person meets the job requirements.  It all starts with culture for us.

Accountability is critical in each role on our team.  We ask and expect each person to get the job done, and invite peers to assist in holding others accountable.

We use the word Team to describe most everything we do.  From monthly team lunch to serving clients to supporting causes together, we constantly work together.

We feel that if you’re not Growing, then something is wrong.  That might be advancing technical skills, acquiring certifications or building a greater business awareness.

While we hope to keep our team together forever, we celebrate those who move on to their next opportunity.  Howard Tech Alumni are part of our family and are invited back to our community events.

Howard Tech is committed to creating Opportunities for our team members, clients and the company.  These might be within Howard Tech or elsewhere, and we support that!

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