HTA Presents “Identity Theft” Seminar

In late April, Ananta presented an informative session about Identity Theft and how to protect your information at Baltimore Washington Financial Advisors (BWFA). Pictured: Ananta Hejeebu and Sandy Hornor. 

During this lunch and learn session, Ananta talked with the audience on how to recognize identity theft situations, what to do should you fall victim to a scam, and ways to prevent or minimize your identify theft risks. Sample emails, phone calls, and case studies helped illustrate real life scenarios and provided reference points for audience discussion.  

Some key takeaways include:

  • Be cautious with personal data and follow technology best practices.
  • Security vs Convenience – need to find a balance that works for you. 
  • Add multiple layers of security where possible.
  • Identity theft is a long-term and ever-changing issue.

The interactive questions and conversations added value to the learning and reference points that the attendees could relate to.  Thank you to BWFA for inviting us to present to a great audience and providing a delicious box lunch.

Howard Tech appreciates opportunities to educate employees or clients on identity theft or other similar technology topics. By educating more people, we can ultimately protect our community of businesses and personal households from harmful scams and negative situations.

If you’re interested in having Howard Tech present a workplace seminar, contact [email protected]


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