Cloud Services

Cloud services in Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, Hanover, Linthicum, Annapolis, Laurel, Elkridge & FultonBusiness owners are bombarded with advertisements, articles and friends talking about “going to the cloud”, and yet many aren’t clear exactly what it all means.  Howard Tech can leverage its Cloud Services experts to help you navigate the many opportunities to reduce costs, drive efficiency and improve productivity by leveraging the cloud.  

Our approach is to identify your business requirements and determine if cloud technologies would benefit your company and how.  We’ll give honest, unbiased advice about the pros and cons of various cloud services and can directly implement these solutions for you.  We have cloud service clients across Maryland in Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, Hanover, Linthicum, Annapolis, Laurel, Elkridge & Fulton.

Potential Cloud Benefits

  • Cost – Reduce maintenance costs for servers and software.
  • Flexibility – Quickly add/reduce infrastructure or software capacity.  
  • Automatic Updates – Centralized cloud applications tend to be updated with no action required by the customer.   
  • Mobility – Data and applications are accessible from nearly any internet enabled device.
  • Collaboration – Your entire workforce has real-time updates to synchronized files, from wherever they may be working.


The Cloud is not a one-size fits all solution for everyone, and we have seen companies move significant systems to the cloud only to move them back in-house within eighteen months.  This has financial, employee and performance ramifications, so any move to the cloud should be considered carefully.  While there are potential benefits to infrastructure in the cloud, we have seen the greatest success with specific applications including:


The Microsoft Office 365 platform provides hosted Exchange services, Skype chat and video, and remote access to productivity programs, file storage, and automatic software updates.

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Collaborate on spreadsheets, text files, and slide presentations using Google’s intuitive productivity apps. Storage, instant messaging, calendars, contacts and more can be shared across your organization.

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The core platform is customer relationship centric, and greatly improves how business interact with their clients. is highly customizable, and can be modified in unique ways specifically tailored to your business or industry.

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Voice Over IP Telephony Services (VoIP)

VoIP services are revolutionizing how business phone services are delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone systems.  We have significant expertise in deploying and managing RingCentral VoIP systems and use it at Howard Tech for our phone system.  

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Disaster Recovery

Businesses are rapidly seeing the need for robust backup and disaster recovery systems, and there are a variety of cloud services available to support these requirements.  Our local backup systems provide robust recovery capability for any office based disaster, but a complete solution will consider catastrophic events such as fire, theft, or power outage which might take your office down for an extended period.  

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Intuit Online Payroll

Traditional payroll services have been overkill (and overpriced) in many client scenarios, yet these businesses did not know of viable alternatives.  Intuit (makers of QuickBooks) provides a robust and cost effective way to manage payroll at a fraction of many payroll services.  

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is the leading provider of accounting solutions to small business customers, and has traditionally been served as a PC or server based solution.  QuickBooks online delivers most (not all) of the functionality of the locally installed version and enables access from any Internet enabled device.  It is ideal for some companies with an outsourced bookkeeper.    

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