We have worked many years to build the Howard Tech culture and each of our team members will share that it is critical for us to maintain.  Our mission is to build community and that includes within our staff.  We hold many activities throughout the year to “do life together” and include our personal families as much as possible.

The culture at Howard Tech is less like a family and more like that of a professional sports team.  We absolutely care for each other like a family does but have built our culture based on:

  • Accountability – each person on the team has a job and is expected to perform it.  Each department has defined processes and we hold each other accountable to getting things done correctly.
  • Growth – motivated people (and companies) want to grow, and we are committed to growing.  That means skills at the individual level and business at the company level.  If you’re not growing, something is wrong.
  • Opportunities – our company is always looking for new and innovate ways to serve our clients and the broader market.  Likewise, we encourage our team members to seek ways to best leverage their skills.


These traits are not unique to Howard Tech.  They apply to every team that is focused on executing at the highest level.  We are pushing ourselves to the best.  If that describes you, then maybe we should chat!

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