Phone Systems

VoIP ImplementationA personal phone call to a client or colleague remains one of the best ways to communicate in business today. Email, instant messaging and other technologies simply can’t replace the personal touch of a live voice on the other end of the line. The role of phones in today’s business operations is changing, and the technology is changing with it. The functionality of today’s business phone system has been greatly improved upon with new features, easier access and lower costs.

From on premise to cloud hosted phone systems, Howard Tech can craft a solution that combines the human touch of phone communications with today’s improved technology. We serve clients across Maryland in Howard County, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Jessup, Hanover, Linthicum, Annapolis, Laurel, Elkridge & Fulton.

Business Phone Systems – what is right for you?

The right phone system for your business will depend upon the size of your organization, budget, usage and required features.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems
Ideal for businesses that utilize technology to it’s fullest extent, a cloud phone system is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to suit your organization’s needs. With cloud systems, you don’t need to maintain a PBX on-site to keep the system running.  You can utilize cell phones, PC’s or various VoIP handsets to work with the cloud provider of your choice.  Many of these solutions also bundle faxing, on-line meetings, and smart phone applications to provide a full communications platform for your business needs.

In-House Phone Systems
Unlike cloud systems, In-house systems require on-site PBX hardware. Companies with complex call routing needs, call centers, or in depth reporting can benefit from the total control that an in house system offers.  Though not quite as feature rich as many cloud offerings, today’s in-house phone systems grow more robust with every release.

Factors to Consider

Equipment Costs

With cloud-based telephone systems, there is typically less hardware to be purchased, upgraded and maintained.  Most of these services require only handsets, without the cost of an in-house controller to run the system.  With in-house systems, the cost can be greater up front, however depending on the size of your organization and expected growth, in-house could be the right choice based on a five to seven year total cost of ownership.

Communications for Distance and Remote Workers

Today, more workers are giving up their office and choosing a more mobile approach to working. Whether your people operate as freelancers or employees who remotely work from home, providing this flexibility is a benefit to both the employee and the company. However, integrating a new phone system is just a piece of the puzzle. A shift in mindset and approach to your operating practices is needed.  If new technology is embraced and used intelligently, you will see a significant boost in productivity and operational flexibility within your organization.

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