Does Your Managed Services Provider Go Above and Beyond?

Does Your Managed Services Provider Go Above and Beyond?

No matter what industry you’re in, functional office tech is vital. You deserve to work with a managed services provider that goes above and beyond.

Contractors and service providers in every industry are always tasked with providing comprehensive, reliable services that beat out the competition and make clients happy. This can be particularly challenging for those in managed IT; many office tech issues must be addressed proactively or incredibly quickly as they occur. It takes a committed team to ensure that both long- and short-term needs are being met for each client. Does your managed services provider do more than just keep your computers running? At Howard Tech Advisors, we’re committed to providing the best possible service for our valued clients, which includes things like employee training, third-party security audits, and other tools to boost efficiency, performance, and security.

Your Managed Services Provider Should Do More Than Just the Basics

Do you have a close working relationship with your managed services provider? Do they strive to help you do better, even when there aren’t any urgent problems with office tech? Your managed services provider should do more than the bare minimum of keeping you connected and operational. Many security threats and equipment malfunctions can be addressed proactively with preventative maintenance, employee training, and well-informed plans for disaster recovery. Your MSP shouldn’t just think about the state of your tech today; the experts at Howard Tech strive to anticipate all of our clients’ “what ifs,” helping them stay prepared for any emergency or change in the digital landscape.

Does Your Managed Services Provider Go Above and Beyond?

Does your managed services provider only concern themselves with the basics? A proactive approach is critical in managed IT services, and these are just some of the tools that the experts at Howard Tech use to give our clients the best possible care.

Security Audits, Phishing Exercises, and Other Extras Help You Make the Most of Your Tech

What does it mean to go above and beyond? For starters, performing third-party security audits is a great way for managed services providers to provide their clients with a valuable assessment of their data and network security measures and identify any weak spots. Employee training programs and phishing exercises like this one can help our clients and their employees better understand the threats and challenges that can affect their technological infrastructure, preparing them for potential real-world issues.

Does Your Managed Services Provider Take Feedback Seriously?

One of the things that makes Howard Tech stand out from the rest is our commitment to improvement. We know the importance of functioning office tech, securely-stored and easy-to-manage data, and operational continuity for small and midsize businesses. That’s why we take all of our clients’ feedback seriously. We recently began examining client assessments using SmileBack, a customer satisfaction platform. These comments are reviewed by the director, and should there be dissatisfaction, a follow-up occurs with the end user. Weekly client accolades are shared with the entire team to promote positive work ethics. Our team is also in the process of testing a new approach for support tickets that allows our clients to get solutions to smaller issues in real-time, letting them get back to work faster.

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