A Rundown of 2016 Tech Trends

Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report is one of the most comprehensive sources for understanding the ways in which technology is evolving, and they released their overview for 2016 this past June. Analyzing everything from smartphone adoption rates to social media marketing trends, you can view all of the slides from the exhaustive report here, or read on for our rundown of some of the most important takeaways found in this year’s report.

tech trends

These are the tech trends you need to know about.

Tech adoption rates are slowing but still significant

Throughout the world, more than 3 billion people (or a full 42% of the global population) now use the internet. Growth of internet adoption rates has remained flat at 9% year-over-year. When it comes to smartphones, adoption growth has slowed significantly, with Android gaining a larger share of the marketplace despite their lowering price points.

Social media isn’t going anywhere

Social media continues to represent an incredibly valuable platform for marketers and video is the newest frontier. Viewership for videos has increased exponentially thanks to apps such as Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live. Social media is also changing the way that we communicate with Facebook and WeChat dominating the messaging market.

Digital marketing reigns king

Google and Facebook currently control 76% of the advertising market, and their influence will likely only continue to grow. However, the report also showed that many businesses still rely too heavily on legacy media and are reluctant to adapt to the digital marketing realm.

Voice search is the new frontier

Consumers are quickly adapting to voice search and the demand has grown exponentially. About 20% of all Google searches on Android are conducted by voice.  Likewise, Amazon Echo has seen their sales grow significantly over the past year using the same type of voice interactivity. The report predicts that more companies will begin utilizing voice search interfaces thanks not only to their popularity, but also because they are fast, easy to use, simple to personalize, don’t require the use of hands, and are cheap to produce.

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