Helpful Holiday Shopping Hints From Your Managed Services Provider

Helpful Holiday Shopping Hints From Your Managed Services Provider

Shopping online offers all kinds of benefits — but it can also make you vulnerable if you’re not careful. Follow these tips from your managed services provider to shop smart this holiday season.

Online shopping is even more popular this year than it has been in years past, and shoppers everywhere are looking to get the best deals possible. While shopping smart and scoring the hottest new gadgets is certainly a priority, security should be the primary concern for online shoppers. Fraud, theft, and computer viruses can put a damper on your holiday if you’re not careful. Follow these tips from your friendly neighborhood managed services provider to score excellent holiday gifts for the lowest prices, all without compromising your financial information.

Shop Online to Get the Best Deals — But Be Careful Where You Click

Online shopping has a truckload of benefits: shoppers can avoid crowds, have access to a retailer’s full inventory of items, and send gifts anywhere without stepping out of their homes. One massive perk of shopping screen-side is the ease with which shoppers can find and apply coupons. Some retailers have pages of their websites devoted to coupons and offers, and most sites have easy-to-browse clearance or sale sections where shoppers can find the best deals. If your shopping list is still a bit expensive once you’ve applied all of your coupons and shopped in the sale section, you might be tempted to search for coupon codes online. While some coupon-finding services (e.g., RetailMeNot and Honey) are popular, there are still some valid questions about what information they collect, who has access to this information, and what it is being used for. If you decide to use a third-party coupon service, be sure to do some digging and make sure that the service is legitimate. You should be cautious of any service that asks for personal information or access to your data.

Helpful Holiday Shopping Hints From Your Managed Services Provider

Google Shopping offers helpful filters, price comparisons, and other features to make holiday shopping quick and easy.

Google Makes Shopping Easy

One of the most valuable tools for shoppers this season is Google Shopping. With a few clicks, consumers can find and compare products from all kinds of stores. Google Shopping shows what items are in stock, where you can pick them up in-store, and which sellers offer the lowest price for each item. Searching is what Google does best, and Google Shopping is no different — rather than looking at multiple websites to find the product you want, you can use filters on Google Shopping to track down the precise color, brand, or size of product you are looking for within seconds.

Security Tips From Your Managed Services Provider

While it can be tempting to download every browser add-on or sign up for every email list that offers coupons and discounts, shoppers should take great care when they click.

  • Only shop on secure sites, and avoid using public WiFi when you shop or pay for items — PayPal might be secure, but you can’t be sure who has access to your information when you’re using an unsecured public network.
  • Use two-factor authentication when possible. Some retailers (including Amazon and Target) are starting to incorporate two-factor authentication into their checkout processes. These added security measures require a code (which is typically sent to your email or phone) to move forward with payment.
  • Keep your devices and antivirus updated. Installing updates on your tablet, phone, or computer is well worth the time. Many updates include solutions for security issues, and a robust and up-to-date antivirus program makes it that much harder for hackers to access your data.

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