Best Tech Gifts for the Holidays Under $50

It is now less than two weeks until Christmas day – have you finished shopping for gifts for your friends and family yet? There is still plenty of time! One of the trends we have seen over the last few years is that more and more people are choosing to give tech gifts for the holidays. Tech gifts are popular because they are appreciated, useful, and getting to be less and less expensive every year. Do you need help picking the right tech gifts for your friends and family, but don’t want to break your budget? Here are some great ideas – all under $50!

Tech Gifts

Need ideas for great tech gifts this holiday season?

Streaming TV

Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu have become more essential as their original shows have become part of the pop culture consciousness. Have a friend or family member still getting their TV fix on their computer or tablet? Consider gifting them a streaming device which connects to their TV, giving them access to their favorite Netflix and Hulu shows on the big screen TV! Google’s Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire stick, and Roku’s stick all provide this functionality while sticking to the under $50 price point and make great tech gifts for the TV lover in your life.

Bluetooth Speakers

What about the music fans in your family? While older models had a few problems, today’s Bluetooth speakers are very reliable and sound amazing even at lower price points. Devices such as smartphones and tablets can pair wirelessly with these speakers to send music or another sound to them. Bluetooth speakers under $50 will tend to be small enough to take on the go and some will even be waterproof – these would be a great idea for the outdoorsman who wants to take their playlist on their camping trips!

Echo Dot

Smart home devices are growing in popularity, but many are more expensive than $50. The Amazon Echo Dot, however, gives users the smart home assistant Alexa in their homes for less than $50. As long as the user has a set of speakers to connect it to, they will be able to use it. Alexa can set and remind you of appointments, turn the lights on or off in your home, or play music through the use of just your voice! For the tech-savvy member of your family, this is a gift that they will really appreciate.


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