Tech Tip: iPhone Scanner

No need to track down someone with a scanner or fax machine anymore. If you have an iPhone (or iPad), you have access to an internal ‘scan’ function. You can find it under your “Notes” app. This scan function allows you to save your scanned file or you can easily load or share it right then and there. This scanner is already on your iPhone, so loading an additional application isn’t necessary.

Here are the quick steps to try it out.

  1. Open the Notes application on your iPhone
  2. When in Notes, click on the bottom right paper/pen icon
  3. Next click on the camera icon
  4. Scan the item(s) you wish and save them – it will count the pages you have scanned
  5. Once saved you can click done or you can upload them to text, email or save in files.

For advanced functions, like highlighting or writing text, you can try these next steps.

  1. Find the scan document you wish to ‘edit’ and select it
  2. Click on the ‘upload’ icon
  3. Look for the ‘mark up’ option (you might have to scroll down on your screen)
  4. Then you can select the tool and color(s) to use to highlight or write notes on the scan file
  5. You’ll have the option to save it on your phone or iCloud

While similar to taking pictures, this allows you edit, highlight info, convert to PDF, share, or store to files. You can even add your signature using the markup functions. This is especially handy when you need to scan and send documents for work or personal business located right on your iPhone.