Tech Tip: Google Lens

Have you ever wanted a little bit ‘more’ information on something? Maybe details on where to purchase an item, plant identification, what menu a restaurant offers, or different brand options. Maybe even help with a math problem? This is where Google Lens comes in handy, especially on the go.

Take for example, a laptop computer. Perhaps your neighbor has a laptop you’re thinking about purchasing. Snap a picture of the computer on your phone. Go into Google Photos and pull up the picture of the laptop you took. Click on the Google Lens icon. After a quick analyzation of the picture, suggestions will pop up with related links and more.

You can try this on anything. Snap a picture of your pet, a plant, an outfit or an item you want to shop for or research more. The Google Lens will show you similar pictures of the bred of your pet, plant species, local adoption sites, and resource links. If you use the picture of an outfit, Google Lens will share other related pictures, places to purchase and outfit options. Use the Lens on an piece of art, a flower, or a book and see what happens!

Google says it wants the Lens-powered technology to help parents and caretakers who are now virtually homeschooling, especially with math tasks. It’s known that math is harder to “Google” due to the array of symbols and the user not knowing what exactly to search.

Steps on how to use Google Lens:

You can use Google Lens from Google Photos or Google Assistant on most Android phones. Get details and take action on your photos.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app.
  • Select a photo.
  • Tap the Google Lens icon.
  • Depending on your photo, check the details, see images, or find similar products.

So go exploring and get learning with Google Lens in the palm of your hand!

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