The Hows and Whys of Howard Tech Advisors

In today’s increasingly technology-driven world, it is no longer a question of whether you need help managing your business’s IT infrastructure: It’s simply a question of how you will get that help. Larger firms assume that they must hire an in-house IT staff, while smaller ones recognize that outsourcing is their only viable option.  Regardless of size, each company must find the proper balance between responsiveness, trustworthiness, costs and technical capabilities.

At Howard Tech Advisors, we offer the key benefits of an in-house IT staff (highly responsive and trustworthy), with broader technical capabilities at a more affordable cost.  We focus on the Howard County business community and surrounding areas, and leverage our resources and relationships to help your company succeed.  Learn more about what sets Howard Tech Advisors apart from the competition and why we do what we do in today’s blog, below.

Howard Tech Advisors

At Howard Tech Advisors, we are your partners in technology.

Any business can benefit from working with a tech partner

Whether your business is in the startup phase or is well established and has experienced many technology headaches, a real partner can provide much more than responding to computer issues.  Our team can help you decide how best to build out your IT infrastructure, evaluate relevant cloud solutions, and advise you regarding upgrades that would be best for your business.  Technology is constantly evolving, so it is important to frequently take stock of what your business is using to ensure you are making the most of what’s available.  Business owners must navigate varying costs, complexity, adoption challenges and business risks with each technology decision.  Howard Tech can demystify IT and help you make tech decisions in line with your business goals and priorities.  

If you’ve ever spent hours on the phone with Comcast trying to sort out why your internet is out or haggling with your server administrator after the network has crashed, you understand just how much money and time is wasted on handling IT issues. By trusting these jobs to industry experts, you can use your time and resources to focus on doing what you do best: managing and running your company.

Howard Tech Advisors offers services tailored to each need

Our managed services offer the key benefits (high responsiveness and trust) of hiring an IT employee without the risk, and you get a team of experts to lend help when needed.  We become a part of your team and will meet with you regularly to provide planning, budgeting, training, and strategy sessions that will help you meet your business goals.

We charge a flat-fee for our managed services, which means you never have to worry about going over budget when something goes wrong. Most tech support companies charge by the hour and a single issue can rack up a breathtakingly large bill. Our monthly plan allows you to budget IT dollars, with no surprises on your bill . We offer our services on a month-to-month basis, so you don’t have to worry about a long-term commitment.  

In addition to managed IT services, Howard Tech Advisors also offers a range of other customized services to meet the unique needs of your organization, including:

Project services

If you are considering investing in a new technology, Howard Tech can offer trusted guidance to streamline the process and ensure that it is implemented correctly. Whether you are moving offices, deploying new systems or converting to a Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system, Howard Tech provides the support to get the job done right. We start by asking questions to understand your business drivers and then offer customized solutions that would be effective for your business. Interested in learning more? Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Cloud services

Cloud hosted technology offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes, but the cloud is not the perfect solution for everyone. Well implemented cloud solutions can help businesses save money, mitigate risk, and create more flexibility in how and where employees get their work done. However, cloud services require a customized approach as there are many variables to consider. Howard Tech can provide you guidance on the benefits and costs of utilizing the cloud, helping you maximize opportunities and make solid business decisions.  

Partners build win-win relationships

By working with Howard Tech, you are investing in a committed partner who will work to find the best solutions to help your organization thrive. For our managed services, the better the clients’ systems perform, the better for us.  If and when the systems have problems, Howard Tech is invested to resolve the issue quickly.  In simple terms, our goals are aligned and create win-win solutions.  

For our cloud services and other projects, we typically offer flat-fee engagements as well.  Most IT vendors are afraid of the risk associated with these, but we recognize the business value of budget expectations for our clients.  Howard Tech wins if the project is built correctly and on budget from the beginning, and loses if it does not.  Another win-win relationship.  

We offer trustworthy and expert advice on how you can best leverage technology to meet the specific needs of your organization, advise you on whether a certain technology is a worthy investment for your situation, and provide support when problems arise.  We want to see your business succeed and carry that with us through everything we do.

All of the benefits of an in-house IT staff, and more

At Howard Tech, we are more than just your computer repair vendor: We truly care about the success of our clients. We value your time as if it were our own and will work to find solutions that work for your needs, whether or not they benefit our bottom line. We offer guidance, insight, and advice on how you can best leverage technology to get the most out of your business, and we genuinely want to see each and every one of our clients succeed.

Our goal is to help our clients leverage technology in order to lower risk, manage expenses, land new customers, and improve office productivity. We will be there along every step of the way to ensure your technology solutions are truly working in your best interest.

We understand business

Our goal is always to keep your business running smoothly and to proactively manage potential issues and threats before they become a problem. We aim to help your business succeed by providing trustworthy and unbiased advice that is focused on making your systems and processes more efficient and effective. We shatter the stereotypes that say IT guys only know tech but have no people skills. Instead, we see technology as a tool to make better business decisions and we truly enjoy building relationships with our clients and seeing their businesses thrive.

We are committed to Howard County

As our name implies, we are deeply committed to Howard County and the surrounding area. We find we are able to provide the best service to our clients by focusing on our community. Many of our clients are located within a 15 minute drive from our office, and we are focused on doing whatever it takes to serve them.  Staying local helps us keep the focus on what’s important: serve our clients well and as quickly as possible.

Our commitment to community goes beyond serving clients, and extends to other organizations in our broader neighborhood.  We encourage all of our employees to volunteer at community non-profits that are bringing positive change to Howard County and beyond. We also offer pro-bono services, financial support, and volunteer time to a range of organizations, including:

  • Howard County Chamber of Commerce
  • Leadership Howard County
  • Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center
  • Howard County Salvation Army
  • Grace Community Church
  • Howard County Autism Society
  • Community Foundation of Howard County
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Hopeworks of Howard County
  • Community Action Council of Howard County
  • Junior Achievement of Central Maryland, Inc.

We are committed to making Howard County a great place to work and live, so we strive to go above and beyond in terms of community support.

Howard Tech Advisors: Your partner in tech

At Howard Tech Advisors, we manage your IT infrastructure so that you don’t have to. Keep up with our weekly blog to stay up-to-date on the latest tech trends, security information you need to know to stay safe online, and tips and tricks to effectively navigating an increasingly mobile world.

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