Improve Your Company’s Network Security With These Tips

In light of the massive DDoS attack against the servers of Dyn that left much of the internet at a standstill on Friday, many organizations are understandably concerned about their network security. Although improving your network security doesn’t mean that you’ll be immune to these types of attacks, the event is nonetheless a good reminder that businesses must be proactive when it comes to network security and ensure that security is constantly a top organizational concern. In today’s blog, learn about three steps that you can take right now to improve your organization’s network security.

network security

Network security should be a major concern for any business owner.

Create and enforce a company-wide password strategy

Strong passwords are your first line of defense against cyberattacks and your business should have a plan in place that outlines your password protocols. Passwords should be complex and changed at least every 90 days. Encouraging your employees to use a free password generator can ensure that they are using password best practices and prevent them from choosing ones that are easy to hack.

Implement a secure backup plan

A secure backup plan should be a key part of your IT strategy in order to help you survive problems ranging from weather-related damage to accidental file deletion. Your backup system will also help you in the case of a cyberattack. If hackers threaten to delete your data if you neglect to meet their demands, you’ll have no problem getting back up and running quickly thanks to your backup system. Your backup data should be stored in a secure location that is separate from your company’s main address in order to protect against cyber and physical threats.

Purchase the right protection

Malware blockers, spam filters, firewalls, intrusion detection software, and other network security products can greatly enhance your data security. At Howard Tech Advisors, we can help you choose the right products for your needs and budget to ensure you are protected from some of the most common types of cyberthreats.


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