5 Ways to Stay Secure While Using Social Media

Social media has grown in its reach and importance over the last few years. Nowadays, it seems as though nearly everyone, young and old, has at least one account on one of the major social networks. But there are some security risks in using a social media account. Hackers and thieves are out there trying to get your personal information, and if you’re not careful your social media profile might be the easiest way for them to get it. Stay secure while using social media by using these five best practices.

Social Media Networks

There are a few things you should do to make sure you’re staying safe on social media.

1. Take Advantage of Privacy Settings

When your privacy settings are not very strict, you give strangers easy access to all of your information. Make sure you go into your settings for your social media accounts and tailor your privacy settings. You should make all of your personal information private or only visible to your friends.

2. Don’t Post Your Exact Location

Sure, it might be fun to tell all of your friends that you’re having a great time at Disney World. However, this information also tells everyone that you’re away from home, and if a malicious person knows your address they’ll know that it is a prime time to break into it. Not everyone needs to know where you are at all times!

3. Only Add Friends or Connections You Know in Real Life

You wouldn’t completely open yourself up to a total stranger in real life, so why would you do so online? Befriending people on social media that you don’t already know can make it easier for them to take the information you display on it and use it to learn more about you. Don’t be afraid to use the decline button!

4. Always Log Out of Your Accounts When You’re Done

This is especially true if you log into your account from a public computer in a library or hotel. Don’t give the next computer user easy access to your identity!

5. Create a Strong Password

We covered this in our last blog post. Use a strong password and change it every month or so to keep your social media account protected from hackers. Use two-factor authentication if this is available for your network to stay even more secure.


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