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HTA - JessicaHer email signature may read “Office Manager,” but any title is simply not enough to describe what Jessica does for Howard Tech Advisors. Some refer to her as the event coordinator, HR, payroll, accounts & receivables, or simply “the mother of the team.” Jessica is wise beyond her years and the (stylish) Tacky Glue of Howard Tech. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, learn a little bit more about Jessica here.

How did we meet?

Prior to joining HTA, I worked at Iconlogic, a computer program training company. I did everything from administrative responsibilities to bookkeeping to book sales processing. I was there for 7 years. I interviewed for an internship at ICAT, and they referred me to Ananta at Howard Tech Advisors. When I learned more about the position here, it sounded like a wonderful opportunity for my career and my family. I haven’t looked back since! I love wearing so many hats, because there is always a change of pace. To me, my clients are the Howard Tech employees. I enjoy organizing events for the team and getting to know everyone.

I am most proud of …

The family that Brandon, my fiancé, and I have created. Brandon and I have been together for almost 6 years. We will be getting married next summer. We have 2 children – Tucker just turned 4 years old and Leah is almost 4 months old. I can’t leave out Sarg, our 8-year old pom/westie mix. Spending time with my family is one my favorite hobbies. We go to the beach, hike, camp, work on fixing up our home, and enjoy crab feasts together.

Although I am from Maryland …

I was actually a Pittsburgh Steelers fan growing up. Brandon is a Ravens fan, so that made for a fun dynamic while dating. As we have gotten older, and our family has grown, we don’t really keep up with sports much anymore.

Something you may not know about me …

I am a published author. I forget most of the time myself. I was asked to enter a writing competition about my experience with motherhood. Of the stories entered, forty stories were selected and published in “New Life Within: Real Babies. Real Moms. Real Stories.” Each story is unique and an honest perspective on motherhood, and how day-to-day life as a parent isn’t the fairytale experience you see in the movies growing up. All of the proceeds from the book sales go to organizations that help support mothers and babies in need. I am very proud to be a part of this project!

My favorite gadget is …

My Google Home. I am able to adjust the thermostat, keep a running list of groceries, turn the music on/up/down, ask it to tell us jokes, the list goes on. It makes hands-free life at home pretty simple.

I wish I knew how to …

Survive in the wild. I enjoy camping, but I’ve never had to hunt for my food. I would like to learn how to hunt animals and prepare them. I think it would be a good life skill to have.

My favorite quote …

“Live the life you love, love the life you live.” I also like: “The days are long, but the years are short.” This is a great reminder to value the time you have, as it quickly flies by. That’s why I focus on enjoying the time I have with my kids, because before I know it, they will be all grown up. You can’t get these years back.

Three people who inspire me are …

My grandmother. She is such a giver, completely selfless woman to her family. She helped raise me. She also takes care of my children, while I am at work, and it is such a wonderful experience to be able to see them share the same bond with her that I have.

My father. He is so smart and in his own way, caring. He retired at the early age of 40 and is preparing to go out on the road again to travel, with no specific destination in mind. He had me at a very young age, 24, and for quite a while, took care of me all by himself. While raising a daughter on his own, he still managed to successfully start and run his own carpentry business. Now, he is enjoying all of his free time and not having as many responsibilities. He plans to travel all around the country in his travel trailer with his dog, pursuing dreams he couldn’t at a young age.

#TeamAnantaandStacia. The two of them are the most caring, patient, and loving people I have ever met. They are amazing parents, they have met every hurdle together and gotten over it, together. Brandon and I have both come from broken homes, and they have shown myself and Brandon, how to be a team and to try to always look for the best in each other. Together, they are very inspiring to me and my family. They make a great team.

About The Author

Michelle Pelszynski

Michelle Pelszynski

Born and raised in Howard County, Michelle has a passion for writing and serving the community. She enjoys live music, traveling, running, practicing yoga, reading, and cooking with her family. She also has the pleasure of coaching a group of amazing young ladies in the Girls On the Run after school program.

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