Offerings From Your Managed Services Provider: Secure Cloud Storage

Offerings From Your Managed Services Provider: Secure Cloud Storage

Secure cloud storage is an asset for any business, and a committed managed services provider can help your team adjust to cloud-based storage.

While you might not take advantage of every service they provide, your managed services provider likely offers a wide range of solutions to support your business and keep things running. At Howard Tech Advisors, a Thrive Company, our team is committed to business continuity, security, and excellent customer service. One way we help our clients is by guiding them through the transition to cloud-based storage solutions. Using the cloud for data storage can be an intimidating prospect for some business owners, but a qualified managed services provider can help address any challenges. The team at Howard Tech strongly recommends that our clients utilize secure cloud storage for their files, and there are plenty of ways that our experts can help and explore if it’s an option for your business.

How Secure Cloud Storage Benefits Businesses

For some business owners, moving to the cloud seems like much more trouble than it’s worth. Still, in many instances, making the transition allows for greater business continuity, access, and communication — all things that can benefit your business. The alternatives to secure cloud storage are physical servers and on-site data storage. These methods have benefits too, but they also come with risks. On-site servers can be damaged, breached, or otherwise compromised, and companies without file backups can land in some serious hot water if their servers are unusable. In addition to the perks from a disaster recovery perspective, cloud-based storage solutions help teams stay connected by allowing them to share and access files from any location.

Offerings From Your Managed Services Provider: Secure Cloud Storage

Whether you want to enable remote work or simply back up important files, secure cloud storage is a useful tool.

Work with a Managed Services Provider to Address Common Challenges

If secure cloud storage is so useful, why doesn’t everyone use it? A few common challenges can discourage business owners from making the switch, including desktop business applications, but any managed services provider worth their salt can help address these issues. An MSP can help businesses transfer their files in a secure and orderly fashion, tackling one of the biggest reasons companies avoid transitioning to the cloud. MSPs can also help ensure that business owners are using secure and reputable cloud-based storage solutions. Many of Howard Tech’s clients use StorageCraft, which features an array of valuable security and accessibility features. Work with a dedicated team like Howard Tech to avoid some of the common pitfalls of secure cloud storage.

The Bottom Line: Your Managed Services Provider Recommends Moving to the Cloud

The degree to which your company utilizes cloud-based software can be highly variable. At the very least, Howard Tech recommends that our clients back up their line-of-business applications and data to the cloud to ensure that all vital information is safe and accessible. Business owners who wish to facilitate remote work, enable business continuity, and maximize security and productivity can consider incorporating other cloud-based solutions into their operations. No matter the degree to which you intend to use the cloud, Howard Tech is here to help!

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