Creative Ways to Use the Cloud

The cloud has been around for several years. You don’t have to be in the tech world to take advantage of the many benefits of using “the cloud.” Most likely, you have been using the cloud and may not have even known it. For example, any time you have shared photos on Facebook or files on Google or Dropbox, you may or may not be aware that you are using the cloud to do this! What are some creative ways you can use the cloud to make your life easier?

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You can use the cloud creatively to make your life much easier!

Storing Photos

People have been using social networks for years to share photos and these function as cloud services whether you’ve been aware of it or not. These files are stored on distant servers so that they are safe from being lost in the event of your laptop dying or the loss of a memory card!

Access Your Files from Anywhere

Workers that are frequently on the go will find that the cloud can make their working lives much easier. By saving documents and other files to it, you reduce the need for carrying around flash drives or other storage devices. Not to mention, you won’t need to carry your laptop or other devices around with you everywhere to access your files. The cloud makes it easy for you to access your files no matter what device you are on.

Password Security

Cloud applications are available that can generate and store passwords for your various accounts. This can help you keep your accounts secure and makes overall security easier for you than ever. Instead of remembering many different passwords and how they change, you’ll only need to remember and change the password for your cloud password app.


If you’re not naturally good at staying organized, you probably know how difficult it can be sometimes to remember your daily and weekly duties. The good news is that technology can help you stay organized! Apps are available that can keep to-do lists on your computer and your phone. And you can also utilize the cloud to access your to-do lists from any device, anywhere you need to!


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