Cloud Backup Options for Home Users

If you have years of digital photos or family documents on a home computer, are you confident that these are protected in case something happens to your computer? Your IT service company is likely providing image backups for your office server and systems. (If you are a Howard Tech Advisors client, don’t worry, we are.) It’s equally important that you take good care of your family’s prized possessions.  Today, we’ll be discussing the benefits how you might use cloud backup solutions to protect this data.

Cloud Backup Options

Cloud backup ensures the data on all of your devices is protected in case of failure.

Benefits of Cloud File Backups

Cloud backups provide a geographic redundancy, in case your physical systems or location become unavailable.  Typically, do-it-yourself backup solutions such as iCloud are used for file backups. You can read about the differences between file and image backups here.  Using a cloud backup solution can be a primary means of backup as well as an important redundancy for your onsite backup. Some of the benefits of going to the cloud include:

  • No need to invest in external storage devices
  • Easily customizable for the needs of your family
  • Backups can be set to run automatically, eliminating manual intervention
  • No need to hire an IT professional to manage
  • Backup plans are available to service any budget

What to Think About When Choosing a Cloud Backup Service

  • Security: With data breaches and hacks becoming more commonplace, you’ll need to make sure that your cloud backup service keeps your files protected. 256-bit SSL connections and encryption should be the minimum standard the service offers.
  • Automation: With an automated backup service, you’ll never need to worry about completing any backup tasks. The service does all of the work for you.
  • Frequency: You could simply choose to have your files backed up at a fixed point of time – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. But a great cloud backup service offers continuous backup, which backs up files as they are saved onto one of your devices.
  • Restoration process: What good is having your files backed up if you can’t have them restored easily in the event of an emergency? A great cloud backup service makes the restoration process quick and easy.

Some of the Best Cloud Backup Options Available

  1. CrashPlan: CrashPlan has a lot of flexibility in their backup plans. Here at Howard Tech Advisors, we recommend the business version of this service to our clients, and the personal version is very easy to use.
  2. iCloud: If you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, iCloud may be a great option for your needs. The plans are very reasonably priced and the service is integrated into the MacOS and iOS systems.
  3. Mozy: Mozy boasts a high level of security in protecting your files from hackers and any other unauthorized access.


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