How to Set Up Parental Controls on iOS

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve thought about giving an iPhone or iPad to your child. Perhaps you’re even thinking about giving them one as a gift for the holidays. These amazing devices will give them access to technology unprecedented in human history but can also put them at some risk as well. Luckily, Apple designed parental controls into their iOS software that can help protect you and your child from some of the risks of this technology. Today, we’re going to explain how to set up parental controls on an Apple device and why it is a good idea.

Parent Setting Up Parental Controls

Parental controls are designed to help protect you and your child from the dangers inherent in online devices.

Parental Controls = Restrictions

The reason most people are not aware of the parental controls on an Apple device is because they are actually labeled “Restrictions” in the iOS software. From the home screen, open the Settings app, tap on General, scroll down and tap Restrictions, then tap Enable Restrictions and set a passcode. It’s that easy to enable parental controls on the device! The passcode you select is different from the one used to unlock the device and should not be shared with your child.

Limiting Features

Once you’ve enabled restrictions you can then decide which actions will require your special passcode. For example, you might decide to restrict your child’s access to the Safari web browser, camera, and FaceTime features. One option you should definitely consider limiting is access to iTunes and in-app purchases. You and your credit card don’t want to end up the victims of your child’s wild in-app purchasing spree!

Restricting Media with Content Ratings

You can also restrict access to media content with specific ratings to ensure that your child is only consuming the movies, music, and TV shows that you allow them to. In addition, you can set restrictions on the websites they visit. You can use Apple’s settings to give them unrestricted access to websites, access only to websites with limited adult content, or access only to specific websites that you designate. You can also specially block certain websites that you never want your child to access.

Digital Privacy

Privacy is a big concern for parents nowadays. Apple devices make it easy to protect your child’s privacy. Under the Privacy section, you can restrict apps from using location services, accessing the microphone, or posting on social media platforms. Setting up parental controls isn’t about ruining your child’s experience with their new device, but rather about protecting them and you from the dangers of the online world!


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