What to Do When Your Server Goes Down

Today’s business world relies on technology more than ever and having properly functioning technology tools is essential to your operations. Servers are a big part of that equation. They hold all the operational information of your business, as well as host your network and computer system. So when the server goes down, it is only natural for a business owner to panic especially since working technology has become an easy thing to take for granted. But you need to have an action plan when your server goes down so you can minimize loss of business and productivity. Here is a list of what you should do if your server should go down. If you are not comfortable performing these without an advisor, you can always reach out to your IT vendor or Howard Tech Advisors.

Server Wires

It can be a nightmare when your server goes down. Always prepare for the worst!

Have a Backup Plan in Place

More likely than not, troubleshooting your server is going to take some time, during which your employees will not have access to your network. For critical processes that can’t wait, you’ll have to devise a backup plan that your employees will have to follow during this time. Have them perform other tasks or duties that don’t involve the use of the network and keep them productive so you have time to resolve the issue.

Start Doing Diagnostics on Your Own

A server outage can be caused by many different issues from a loose wire to a complete outage at your internet service provider. Start with the diagnostics you can perform on your own. Check applications, services, and tasks on your server to ensure they are functioning properly. Use monitoring tools to check server availability on the various login profiles – perhaps the outage is only affecting a few employees. Check all of your cables and reset any modems, routers, or other hardware devices. After checking the hardware, if your server is still not functioning, check the operating system. Sometimes restarting the operating system is all that is needed to get the server back up and running again.

Know When Professional Help is Needed

While being able to fix a server problem is great, there are some problems that are definitely going to require the help of IT professionals. There are some problems that can even be made worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. Having a tech support team on call ahead of time for an emergency might make sense for your business. Make sure you hire a team who can handle the job no matter what kind of server they’re dealing with or why the problem surfaced! A tech support team can not only help you get back up and running but should also diagnose the problem to put steps in place to prevent it from happening again.


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