Why Passphrases Are Better Than Passwords

Password management is one of the most important things you can do to protect your identity and information.

At Howard Tech, we encourage our clients to use very strong passwords to keep their information secure and out of the hands of cyber criminals. Not only is it important to change passwords regularly, but passwords should be unfamiliar. This can leave them tough even for you to remember, and you created them.

It all goes back to finding your balancing of security and convenience. The more secure your accounts, the less convenient it is for you to login to your accounts. Using a passphrase is becoming an even more secure way to keep criminals from gaining access into your financial institutions, email, credit cards, and others accounts.

A password is usually a string of letters, numbers and symbols ([email protected]@word1234). Sometimes uppercase and lowercase letters are required. Sometimes you can’t have repetitive numbers (i.e. “777”). They can be frustrating and feel impossible to handle across many platforms. Here is where passphrases win.

No Need For It To Be Overly Complex

The added length reduces the need to make it so difficult you forget what it is. When, upon setup, some passwords require certain characters, most passphrases already have these in them. For example: “I enjoy ice cream, especially mint chip.”

Easy to Remember

If you create a passphrase based on something that’s uniquely you, it’s much easier to remember.  What are the chances that you forget what type of ice cream is your favorite? Or your favorite motivational quote? Or favorite song lyric? The list goes on. Similar to passwords, you should have unique pass-phrases for each account.

More Difficult for Criminals to Access

Some criminals or hackers can use software that make several thousands of attempts per second. However, most of the highly-efficient password cracking tools breaks down at around 10 characters. With pass-phrases being unique to you, the chances that a criminal will know these things about you is very slim.

Most OS and Applications Support Passphrase

All major operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac allow passphrase up to 127 characters long. The longer the passphrase, the more secure your accounts.

How to Store Your Passwords

In a previous blog we talked about the safest way to store your passwords. Several secure apps are available, such as LastPass, that can store your pass-phrases. However, if you are doing it right, you are choosing phrases that are easy for you to remember without having to store them anywhere.


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