The Importance of a Firewall with UTM

Computers sold to consumers often include some basic form of a firewall as part of its security setup. But this kind of setup is not sufficient for those in enterprise environments with a more sophisticated infrastructure and a higher standard of security. Much of business today is conducted online, so one of the first things an IT administrator needs to figure out is how to protect the devices and network of their organization. One of the best ways to do this is by configuring a firewall within a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system. What does a firewall with UTM do and why is it important?

Firewall with UTM

Firewalls with Unified Threat Management (UTM) are designed to protect systems at the enterprise level.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

While all firewalls detect and prevent hacking attempts in some way, a firewall with UTM is more comprehensive in its monitoring. It will report back to the administrator immediately for further analysis and action if necessary. A firewall with UTM automatically updates itself with the latest threat definitions, giving your network added, automatic protection from new malware.

Balancing System Usage

A firewall with UTM monitors system processes and resource usage for each of your applications. This system learns from this information and automatically optimizes behaviors and quality of service. When irregularities occur, the system takes notice, adding another layer of security to your infrastructure. In addition, UTM utilizes load balancing between multiple servers, ensuring one server isn’t overloaded with requests and providing a path for traffic in case of the failure of one server.

ID Access Control and Content Filtering

ID access control is a useful feature that only allows devices with recognized IP addresses to have access to a given network. You may find this useful if, for example, you want your employees to use a separate network for their personal devices, thereby protecting the main network from any external threats. Content filtering is another security feature of firewalls with UTM, allowing the administrator to block any websites which are known to be threats. Some systems even have spam filtering, which automatically blocks spam emails from entering the network, reducing the risk of one of your employees getting phished and compromising your network security.


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