What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

As with all things in life, technology does not always go according to plan. Whether due to a natural disaster, human error, theft, or another catastrophe, your key infrastructure is vulnerable to a wide variety of threats. Disaster recovery is a form of security planning that attempts to mitigate these risks by creating creating a disaster recovery plan (DRP) which outlines the procedures, actions, and policies an organization can implement to protect themselves for when – not if – a disaster occurs.

disaster recovery plan

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan in place? Find out why they’re so important in today’s blog.

The Cost of Doing it Right

Disaster recovery from a technology standpoint is vital to your business continuity.  Because disaster recovery can be an expensive process, it’s important for organizations to decide two things.   What data is most important and needs to be covered under the plan, and how long can your business afford to be down.  The lower your tolerance is for downtime, the higher your investment will be for the total solution.

What information does a disaster recovery plan contain?

The specifics contained within a disaster recovery plan will vary depending on the needs of your organization, which is why it’s important to work with a technical advisor who can help you create the right strategic DRP for your business.  Some of the components of a disaster recovery plan should include:

  • Written plan
  • Expectations
  • Physical security
  • Redundancy
  • Local backups
  • Offsite backups

The details of your DRP should be determined in tandem with an experienced IT professional who can help ensure that your plan will adequately serve your business needs. By planning ahead and implementing a DRP, your organization will be better equipped to handle the aftermath of a disaster, no matter what its cause may be.


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