Yearly Reflections & New Year Initiatives

It seems fitting as we kick off 2019, to do a bit of looking back and ahead. In prior newsletters, I’ve mentioned that the Howard Tech team gathers for lunch each month. It’s our regular routine to stay connected and do life together. Our last team lunch for 2018 was on December 21st, and it was a great time for reflection and forward sharing. We also enjoyed some festive games and jovial conversations. As we were outlining what to share this month, Kristin thought it might be useful to highlight a few of the tidbits we discussed with the team.

In terms of reflecting, we experienced many ups and downs in 2018.  We added many new clients and built tremendous new friendships. Our community service activities were more robust than ever, and we added nine new staff members. At the same time, we said good-bye to other team members, were deeply saddened when an HTA colleague passed away, and many of us dealt with other personal tragedies. It really was a crazy year.

As we look forward, we shared with the team the results of our Strategic Planning efforts and the five core initiatives we’re working on as a leadership team. These initiatives include specific areas for internal and external operational improvements and growth. Additionally, we always use the end of the year to remind folks to be healthy – use their preventive care and gym membership benefits that we’re paying for anyway! All of us work hard and need to take care of ourselves. 

Finally, we introduced the first HTA profit sharing plan and added other incentives for the team to help serve clients well. From the beginning, our goal has been to reward employees based upon the company’s success, and we’re actually doing that in 2019! Our sharing and transparency seemed to really get the staff excited and looking forward to celebrating our tenth year of Howard Tech.

What’s going on at your company? Are you able to share and reflect on your past year, while looking ahead to this year? It’s hard work to run a company, serve your customers and employees well, and find the right balance on the various challenges you face. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone, and all of us are working through the same issues. We wish you great success in 2019 and would be happy to serve/support you in anyway we can. Here’s to a wonderful new year ahead! 


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