Vendor Spotlight: Duo Two Factor Authentication

We have discussed two factor authentication (2FA) with many of our clients and even in previous articles. Many hesitate to make logging into their accounts any more complicated. However, when you evaluate the risk of NOT adding this simple security enhancement, it’s a no-brainer. There are many different vendors to choose from when implementing 2FA for the security of your data/information. We have partnered and encourage our clients to consider Duo®.

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is an extra measure of security based on the premise that an unauthorized user is unlikely to be able to supply two (or more) factors required for access. Some examples of authentication factors of a two- or multi-factor authentication scheme may include:

  • A physical object in the possession of the user, such as a USB stick with a secret token, a bank card, a key, etc.
  • A secret known to the user, such as a password, PIN, or transaction authentication number (or a one-time code), etc.
  • A physical characteristic of the user or biometric, such as a fingerprint, eye iris, voice, typing speed, pattern in key press intervals, etc.

How Does It Keep You Safe?

These “factors” are a “known” password and at least one other “factor” which requires another component, such as a temporary password that is sent to your mobile phone. The chances of a thief or hacker having both your bank account login information and your mobile phone are far less likely. However, if they do have your mobile phone they still would not be able to access the temporary password as long as your device is locked. l It may be inconvenient in the moment to enter additional information, but it is an excellent way to deter hackers from logging in to your accounts.

Introducing: Duo® Two Factor Authentication

  1. Security

    Duo’s solution uses asymmetric cryptography, keeping only the public key on our servers and storing private keys on your users’ devices in a tamper-proof secure element. Duo never stores your passwords – meaning your logins stay safe. For complete protection, Duo checks the security health of every device before granting them access to your applications. Admins can set policies to block users based on software versions, user location, network type and more to reduce exposure to risky devices.

  2. Compatibility

    Duo’s Trusted Access solution easily integrates with a lot of applications. These include virtual private networks (VPNs), Microsoft, Unix, Cloud apps, web apps, and other customer or proprietary applications. Take a look at a full list here.

  3. Easy Deployment

    Two factor authentication is only useful if everyone uses it. That’s why it is so important for it to be simple to install, update, and use. Duo rolls out frequent, automatic updates to make sure your users are running the latest and greatest.

Two Factor Authentication is One of Many Steps

As we always say, there are multiple layers of security available to prevent loss of data. Two factor authentication (2FA) is just one added layer of security that could save you and your identity from being compromised! If you’re interested in learning more or seeing a demo, let us know by emailing [email protected]


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