Vendor Highlight: SonicWall

Howard Tech Advisors knows there are many options available for our clients when it comes to security. If you are one of our Managed Services clients, you should have confidence in knowing that we only choose the best solutions to keep you, your users, and your network as safe as possible. Here is more information on what, why, and how SonicWALL.

Benefits of SonicWALL TotalSecure

SonicWall TotalSecure delivers the power and convenience of all-in-one network protection. Before new threats begin to spread, SonicWall automatically updates with signatures to stop attacks before they enter the network, ensuring around-the-clock protection. TotalSecure provides complete network security against threats.

Gateway Anti-Virus: Utilize the firewall capabilities as the first layer of defense at the perimeter, coupled with endpoint protection to block viruses entering network through laptops, thumb drives and other unprotected systems.

Gateway Malware: Scans all inbound, outbound and intra-zone traffic for viruses, Trojans, as well as blocks spyware, adware, keyloggers, maliciaous code (MMC), dangerous applications, and other malware in files of unlimited length and size across all ports and TCP streams.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Tightly integrated intrusion prevention system (IPS) leverages signatures and other countermeasures to scan packet payloads for vulnerabilities and exploits, covering a broad spectrum of attacks and vulnerabilities.

Application Intelligence and Control: Control applications, or individual app features, to increase and enhance network security and productivity. These include:

      • App Updates       • Download Apps        • Instant Messaging        • Point 2 Point (blocked by default)
      • Backup Apps       • Email Apps        • Infrastructure        • Protocols
      • Business Apps       • File Type Detection        • Mobile Apps        • Proxy Access
      • Database Apps       • Gaming        • Multi-media        • Remote Access

Visualization and Control: Real-time visualization identifies traffic anomalies as they happen, enabling immediate countermeasures against potential inbound or outbound attacks or performance bottlenecks. Restrict bandwidth-intensive activities such as recreational file-sharing, multimedia streaming and downloading from peer-to-peer applications.

Content Filtering Service: Filter web traffic based on acceptable use policies or by predefined categories. Filter by categories, geographic IP addresses, and can be created based on time of day and applied to individual users or groups. Essentially, anything you can imagine can be blocked. This includes social media (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) from some employees but allows, for example, the marketing department to access them.

Want to learn more about SonicWALL?

Feel free to reach out to us about SonicWALL by emailing [email protected] Be sure to include “SonicWALL” in the subject line. Even if you are not a Howard Tech Advisors client, we are happy to answer any of your questions.


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