Team Member Profile: Al

Hopefully you have worked with Al on our Service team.  Al celebrates his one year anniversary with Howard Tech next month and we’re excited for you to get to know him better.  He previously worked for the State of Maryland and the University of MD, so he’s enjoys working for a ‘smaller entity’.  Al shares a great team spirit with everyone at HTA.  Al has a passion for new technology and the processes that go into making and managing them.

Al is proud of making the transition from a Fine Arts background to IT.  Back in the day, Al created a sculpture that was bought in 1996 and has been displayed at a Boston corporate office to this day. He is a former DJ and has performed at some of the big-name clubs like Fever/Sunday Mass in Baltimore and quite a few raves. While he doesn’t have a favorite band, he listens to a lot of EDM/House/Jungle music.

During the recent COVID-19 quarantine Al says he’s gained 20 pounds!  (many others can probably agree) He enjoyed spending quality time at home with his wife and cat.  Al is an avid car enthusiast and racer, and in his spare time likes “modding” his car.  He also enjoys watching Japanese Anime, playing video games PS4, watching Netflix, going to car shows, and hanging out with friends.  Al cannot live without hummus and the Waze app makes his life much easier. If he won the lottery, Al would pay off bills, donate to charity and then go racing!

For all those college students and job seekers, Al recommends finding a job that you enjoy and turn it into a career. His favorite quote is by philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche: “No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone”.

When Al started with Howard Tech, we noticed his name (Al Pacheco) being similar to “Al Pachino”, the famous Hollywood actor. He accepted this with grace and says he’s gotten used to it. He and his brothers, Allan and Alex, and father, Alfred, all share the same challenge with the famous name similarities.

Al is a very humble, smart and kind team player. He is always willing to pitch in to help others and enjoys solving problems. Many HTA team members share car and racing stories and chat about the latest trends with Al. His genuine smile and laughter are infectious. Al’s attention to detail and patience explaining issues with team members and clients are invaluable traits.

We are so glad Al is part of the Howard Tech team!