Team Lunch: Together Time & Reflections

Each month, the Howard Tech staff gathers for our “Team Lunch”. Like most companies we’re moving quickly, but we aim for 100% attendance at our monthly event. It is our chance to slow down a little and do life together.

Maybe because the company buys lunch or maybe it’s the chance to catch up with each other away from client discussions, we usually pack our conference room. The hour is guaranteed to be animated with current events, personal and business announcements, and lots of laughter. We re-connect on changes with our kids, vacation plans, challenges, and other things that people share. I love these regular lunches and it’s one of the things I enjoy most about our company!

I’d guess this explains why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – an annual event where nearly everyone in our country gathers with family or friends to share gratitude. The rapid pace of change in our work and family lives makes it really difficult for people to just sit together, listen and reflect. What a gift Thanksgiving is!

Unfortunately I missed our November Team Lunch, but Kristin asked about things people were thankful for. As we move into the holiday season, I thought you’d enjoy hearing what your HTA friends said:

• To work with such a great group of peeps!
• For reliable internet. (how did we ever live without?)
• For computers. (really? 😊)
• For my family and health!
• Having a warm house.
• For my positive and encouraging environment.
• For my friends and family.

I love where Thanksgiving falls on our calendar each year. As the end of November arrives, businesses and individuals often look back on what went well and where we struggled. For most of us, this reflection naturally lends itself to expressions of gratitude. Most people I know are really fortunate in many ways.

Looking back at this time of year also helps us plan for what’s ahead. The Howard Tech leadership team recently dedicated three days to an intense, professionally-moderated, strategic planning session. We have greater clarity of purpose than ever before, and are pouring that focus into our 2019 plans, priorities, budget, technology solutions, business processes, and much more.

How about you? What are you thankful for as you look back, and how are you planning for the next year or season in your business? There seems to be a never ending amount of work to do, and it’s often quite difficult to slow down enough to really reflect and plan well. With that said, I’m looking forward to slowing down to enjoy December’s Team Lunch and the festivity it will certainly bring!

At Howard Tech, we are an extension of your in-house employees and stand ready to support your work as you think about 2019. Wishing you and your staff a great finish to 2018 and all the best to your family and business in the coming season!


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