Smart App of the Month: NextDoor

Stay up-to-date with what’s going on in your backyard.

Social media has made learning what’s going on in your neighborhood very easy. Many communities and small towns have their own Facebook page or group where residents can post and share the latest news. However, these pages and groups require an active and attentive Administrator to weed out the nonsense. With Nextdoor, residents sign up and must confirm address. Then, you can subscribe to feeds of a specific street, neighborhood, village, town, or city for their news. This can be incredibly helpful in a lot situations.

Missing Pets

If you have lost or found a dog or cat, you can print out signs and post them on trees, coffee shops, and light posts in the neighborhood. The chances of the right people in the right place seeing them is slim. Post your flyer in the “Lost and Found” section of Nextdoor and your lost pet is way more likely to be found by neighbors.

Raise Crime Awareness

Whether you have recently been a victim of a car theft, robbery, burglary or are just a witness to one, the more we raise awareness, the more we can be protect ourselves from being victims. After a recent car break-in, which luckily only my very old Garmin was stolen, I posted on Nextdoor. It turns out that several cars on my street were broken into the same evening. It prompted the police department to patrol the area. It took nearly a week for it to be posted in the weekly crime log.

Realtime Updates

After coming home to no running water, I searched everywhere to figure out what was going on in our neighborhood to cause this. I couldn’t find anyone tweeting about it, our community association hadn’t posted anything, and the Bureau of Utilities didn’t yet have any information to share. I knocked on our neighbors doors and they were experiencing the same issue – no water. We checked the Nextdoor site for our community, and sure enough there was a water main break. We “followed” the thread and we all kept each other updated on what was going on.

Modern Day Yard Sale

Gone are the days of making signs, crossing fingers for good weather, and hoping you get some shoppers. Now you can just take pictures of your items for sale and post to Nextdoor. The best part is that you don’t have to go far to deliver or meet or someone.

Community Events

There are so many events, especially around the holidays. We like to stay as local as possible. It’s wonderful to be able to see all of the activities that are going on right down the street. Village centers can post their events, schools post dates for their plays/musicals, and government officials can post any events.


Looking for a new dentist? Have questions about a specific landscaping company? Need some help raking leaves? You can post all of your questions and get advice on where to go and who to trust.

Already using Nextdoor?

Share with us how you use Nextdoor by emailing [email protected] and we will be sure to include updates to this article to help others.


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