One Place for Help With Any Project

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that helped folks find trusted, local service companies as quickly as humanly possible? Introducing, Thumbtack. One of our engineers, Celeste, mentioned Thumbtack after being so grateful that there was an app to help in her dire times.

Her circumstances were unfortunate, but Thumbtack made sure she had several options for services to help her with her broken sump pump after the recent flooding in Ellicott City (#ECSTRONG!!!).

What is Thumbtack?

                                                   “Find local professionals for pretty much anything.

Thumbtack is a database of professional service companies – from home improvement to wedding planning to pets to fitness or musical lessons to web design to legal assistance to repair to events to photography. Whatever you need help with, Thumbtack can help you find reliable and affordable companies. The best part is that the majority of them are local.

How Does It Work?

After you create an account, which only requires name, location, and email, you can begin your search. When you select exactly what services you are looking for, you will type in your zip code. For “Aquarium Services,” as an example, it will tell you how many there are in close proximity. There are only 9 within HTA office perimeters. Then you are asked a series of tailored questions to help narrow down the list of providers, such as:

  • What kind of aquarium work do you need? Selected “Install.”
  • What kind of water setup do you need? Selected “Freshwater.”
  • What types of animals live in the aquarium? Selected “Crustacean.”
  • When would you like the aquarium specialist? Selected “In the next few days.”
  • When would you like the aquarium specialist? Selected “Evening (after 6 pm).”
  • Anything else the aquarium specialist should know? Enter in whatever you’d like to add.

Within minutes, you will receive notifications from specialists with availability, possibly a quote, and the ability to read others’ reviews. This puts you in control of what company you’d like to choose.

Competitive Pricing in Your Favor

Some service companies won’t be able to provide you a quote. Those that do, however, can give you some bargaining power in comparing with other companies.

In our engineer’s sump pump services, she had several companies contact her within Thumbtack with quotes and contact information. She read reviews and selected the company she felt most comfortable with. The company she chose not only came to help her fix the sump pump, but also picked up another for her to rent from Home Depot in the meantime – above and beyond her expectations for professionalism.


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