Recent Office Move? Be Sure to Change Your Address on the Internet

Moving TipsOver the past couple months, several of our clients have moved in to larger office space. We are very happy to see our clients success! As their IT support team, we spend time moving, setting up, and improving their IT infrastructure. Our Projects Team (re)documents all of the processes, service providers, and systems as they get settled in to their new office. We work together to get everything back up and running in the quickest time possible.

Sometimes the most important detail of the office move can be overlooked as our clients try to seamlessly support their customers – updating their address on the world wide web so customers can find them.

Where to Update Your Address?

Here are the most important places to update your address.

Your Website

Addresses typically live in two different places on a website.

  1. All modern websites have the company’s address in the footer, or bottom, of the website across all pages. This is usually updated on the web design platform one time and carries throughout the site.
  2. If your website has an About Us and/or Contact Us page, the mailing address might be here. If you provide a map of or directions to your location(s), this pulls directly from Google web directory.Office Move Google

Google and Other Search Engines (i.e. Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

Since so many sites pull addresses from Google’s address directory, it is important to update it here! By Googling (or Bing-ing or Yahoo-ing) “Your Company Name,” your Google directory page will appear on the right hand side of the screen. If you have not done this before, you may also see “Own this business?” You should click on “Own this business?” and you will be able to update the address in Google. If you have done this before, click on “Suggest an edit” and update here. This is a request and may take a few days for Google to confirm the address change. You can do the same in Bing and Yahoo.

Member Directories

If you are a member of any associations, chambers of commerce, or other B2B groups, you should update your address in both their printed and digital directories.

Social Media Sites

This is especially important on any sites where your company is active, such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are pretty straight forward in updating. Twitter is especially simple as it only requires a city and state.

Updating your address on LinkedIn is a bit more challenging. You need to go  you go to your company’s Business Manager page. Click on “Overview” and scroll all the way down to the bottom. You can update your address here.

 Other Helpful Tips on Office Moves

If you are thinking or planning to move your business, here are some general tips on what to think about in the planning stage.

Do you have advice for others when relocating their business? Let us know here so we can share.

Have questions on how to prepare moving your IT infrastructure? We are here to help. Give us a call or email us and we would be happy to talk!