All Who Tile Do Not Get Lost

Tile_V2-5_220px-1That’s right, you know the infamous quote from J.R.R. Tolkien, “Not all who wander are lost.” Well imagine if you could wander and get lost but you and your belongings could be found? With Tile, it’s totally possible.

What Is Tile?

Tile is a super intelligent square that you can attach to your (and your family’s) most prized possessions – wallet, keys, bicycle, jackets, teddy bears, and more. Once you have it attached, install the app on your phone or other mobile device. If any of these items go missing, you can see the last pace you had it on a map and make it ring when you get close. If you misplace your phone, you can hit the button on the Tile to make your phone ring even if it’s on “Silent.”

Tile Mate vs. Tile Slim

The Tile Mate is a small square that can easily clip on to your keys, backpack, remote control, teddy bear, luggage, and more. With the Tile Slim, as thin as two credit cards, it can fit in your wallet, iPad or tablet case, lunch box, passport case and more. You can customize your ring tone with four preset tunes.

How Does It Work?

When Manny’s mother-in-law was recently out of the country on vacation she lost her wallet. If she had Tile, she may have been able to locate it. Since Tile uses its network of owners around the world, any Tile user whose cell phone came within range of her wallet’s Tile would have anonymously reported its GPS coordinates right then and there. She would have received a notification on her cell phone and might have been able to recover it. Also with the Tile app, she would have known the last place her Tile was within your cell phone’s range. This could have ruled out that it was simply left behind in the hotel room or a place she visited.

You don’t have to be out of town to “lose” your phone or wallet. If your phone gets stuck in the couch cushions or hidden during a game of hide-and-seek with your toddler (or teenager), you can force your phone to ring even when it’s in Silent mode to help you find it.

Unconventional Uses for Tile

Tile’s website has an incredible blog with very creative uses for finding lost loved items. Some of these include pets (yes, you can even put a Tile on your pup or cat’s collar to track them), umbrella, drone, musical instruments, luggage, and more.

Now if they could only figure out a way to make them small enough, heat resistant, and water proof for my daughter’s lost socks, Shopkins, and fruit snacks, I would buy stock!

Do you have a story of how Tile recovered your lost items? Share it with us!