What’s New in the Latest iOS 12 Update

Most tech enthusiasts make a calendar reminder for Apple announcements. Our team is no exception. The latest and greatest iOS 12 was announced last week and some here are already showing off some of the hot new features, including performance updates and so much more. Here is what they are buzzing about.

New Features in iOS 12

The only order to this list is in which folks have discussed them around the office – the true buzz.

Memoji Yourself

With more detailed options to create your animated portrait, the emoji has evolved in to the Memoji. You can record your voice over your Memoji. It can even detect your facial expressions, like sticking your tongue out and winking. If you have kids, they will love this feature. And who are you kidding, so will you! Here is how to set it up and other ways you can use your Memoji. You can also opt to use your Memoji during FaceTime.

Managing Your Digital Health

We talked about in a previous article on managing screen time for kids, which is now available in iOS 12. If your kids have their own Apple ID, you can set up Screen Time for each of them to keep an eye on how much time they spend on apps and the internet. You can set time limits based on specific apps and website. Though they may not be happy, they do have the ability to request more time for you to approve. It’s not just for kids, you can also focus on your digital health. Receive weekly reports or check for your up-to-date app usage, notifications, and device pickups. If the numbers scare you, alter your habits by setting specific times to turn off notifications, such as breakfast and dinner time.

Hold a FaceTime Meeting

How many times have you wished you could FaceTime multiple people to share good news, bad news, or any news? Now you can! Group FaceTime up to 32 people at once. You can also use new filters for added effect. Talking top secret stuff? FaceTime is encrypted end to end for both one-to-one and group calls, so your conversations remain private and viewable only by the participants.

Siri Has New Smarts

Siri has gotten a bad rep compared to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. She went back to school and has learned many new things, including new and improved language translations, nutritional information of more food, celebrity facts, motorsports schedules and standings, and YOU. Siri now learns your routine and can help suggest shortcuts for just what you need, at just the right time, on the Lock screen or in search. She can also help you find your passwords, photos, and turn the flashlight on and off when your hands are full.

Some of Howard Tech Staff Picks


Jason Hartman

“My favorite feature of iOS 12 is the integration with third party password managers, such as Dashland, LastPass, 1Password, and others. You no longer have to open the app separately and cut and paste the passwords. It will enter the credentials for you!”



Dan Fisher

“Apple Maps and Waze are now available on Carplay!!! Without a doubt.”



Patrick Higgins

“Grouping of notifications!!”  
More info: The Instant Tuning features gives you new ways to reduce interruptions throughout your day. Manage your notifications in real time from the Lock screen, send notifications from a specific app to Notification Center, or turn them off altogether. Siri also makes intelligent suggestions about your alerts based on how you interact with them. And message threads and notification topics are grouped together, so it’s easier to see what’s important at a glance.

Paul Glagola

“Screen Time for my kids!”

Josh Moody

“I have several favorites. The Active Listening feature is pretty cool. It works great in a crowded restaurant. Screen Time is great – I wish it existed 6 years ago. Do Not Disturb has much better options.”

Mike Blair

“The Measure App has helped me when I need to know how much space is available for a network rack in planning equipment installations. In the past, I would need to carry a bulky measuring tape.”

What are your favorite features in iOS 12?

Share with us by emailing [email protected] Check out the complete list of new features in iOS 12 here.


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