HTA Employee Announcements: June 2018

Welcome, Caleb!

Caleb joined us late May as an Intern. He is in his last year at UMBC and has been working at the school as Enterprise Infrastructure Technician. He’s excited to be here to learn more about networking, virtualization, cloud computing and all IT-related things that folks here can teach him. Caleb loves to learn about new technology and is motivated to understand how technology can make the world a better place.

We look forward to having Caleb join us for the long term after his Fall semester!

Wellness Challenge

This Spring, Howard Tech launched a 6-week wellness challenge. Challengers were given points based onhow many steps they took each day, on whether or not they took their 15-minute breaks throughout the day to move, and if they encouraged others to join.

Each week, a new bonus challenge was introduced. We ditched unhealthy foods, including candy, alcohol, soda, fried foods, and Oreos; challenged ourselves to stay hydrated by drinking at least 75-ounces of water per day; cut out caffeine, including coffee. The fourth week we were encouraged to overcome a fitness fear, which ranged from waking up earlier to trying a new workout to running a half marathon under 2 hours to helping their significant other get back in to an exercise routine. We opted outside for fresh air and sunshine by attending the Baltimore Herb Festival, walking through Soldier’s Delight, spending time with neighbors on an evening walk, and simply hanging outside with family. Rejuvenation is a big part of wellness, so challengers were tasked with doing something nice for themselves in the final weeks of the challenge. Some took family trips, others read their large collection of magazines, and getting a pedicure.

The final bonus challenge consisted of creating a future goal to stay fit. One of our challengers signed up for Jeff Galloway’s marathon training program, another signed their family up for the Ellicott City Labor Day Classic 5k, and another signed up with his son for the Across the Bay 10k. A very selfless challenger decided to volunteer at a local cycling event of which he usually participates in.

Overall, it was an excellent opportunity for us to bond with another, especially during our walks together. We all have vowed to continue to do so!